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5 Warning Signs You Have a Bad Tenant

If you have a residential rental property, you’ve likely searched high and low for the perfect tenant. The perfect tenant is clean, communicative, and pays their rent on time. Unfortunately, the perfect tenant is hard to come by, and more often than not, landlords become stuck with an unruly tenant, one they can’t get rid of. 

Your tenant isn’t going to be forthcoming with their behavior, so it’s up to you to be on the lookout for these five warning signs. If your tenant raises some red flags, they may be more of a burden than they’re worth. If you suspect you have a bad tenant living in your home, consider selling your rental property to Gateway House Buyers. Remember, we buy houses fast in Clarksville, TN!

1. Late Paying Rent

Top of mind for any landlord, that monthly rent check is the entire reason you’re renting out your property in the first place. Without a doubt, this is the biggest red flag to look out for. A day or two late every now and then is understandable, but being late by a couple of weeks may be a sign that your tenant is without a steady income. Even tenants who pass a background check and have a sterling credit history may try to backpedal on rent. If this happens more than once, you should consider taking action. 

2. Refusing Access to the Property 

Under Tennessee law, a tenant cannot prohibit a landlord from entering the premises for emergencies, inspections, repairs, or exhibiting the property to new tenants. A 24-48 hour notice is the general rule of thumb. This should give your tenant plenty of time to tidy up any embarrassing messes. However, If your tenant refuses access, it could be a sign that they’ve created a potentially hazardous environment filled with cluttered junk, molding food, and nuisance pests. 

3. Upsetting the Neighbors 

If your tenant is so disruptive that they’re annoying neighbors across the street, you know something’s up. Your tenant could be throwing loud parties that result in broken windows, shattered mirrors, scratched flooring, and cracked walls. Or their junk and clutter could be spilling out of their yard and into someone else’s — a telltale sign of a hoarder. Regardless of the cause, complaints from neighbors should make you think twice about any tenant. 

4. Going Silent 

Many landlords who live in another city or even out of state elect to rent their second home. In these instances, the main reason for renting is to ensure that the property is looked after in their absence. Your tenants should be willing to respond to emails or calls regarding the property’s condition. Even if you’re receiving rent on time, a breakdown in communication may be a sign that something has gone wrong. There could be an extensive leak, pest outbreak, or structural damage — how would you know?

5. Needing Constant Attention  

Alternatively, you may have a tenant who is never satisfied with their living conditions. It’s normal for a tenant to expect working appliances, but if they’re actively searching for things to be upset about, your phone will be blowing up with maintenance requests. If your tenant is constantly causing problems, it might be time to sell. Remember, no matter the condition, no matter the location, no matter the cost, we buy homes in Clarksville, TN! 

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