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6 Things You Should Do Before Selling Your Home Part 2

Selling a home isn’t easy. Actually, it can be quite challenging if you don’t prepare properly. This is especially true if you go the traditional route and put it on the market. This section and part one of our article discusses some of the tasks you should complete before attempting to sell your home in the competitive real estate market.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a quick and straightforward selling process that doesn’t require so much prep, you’re in luck because we buy houses fast in Clarksville, TN, and we buy them in any condition!

Paint Your Home

It’s possible that your palette of choice (both interior and exterior) can have a negative effect on the selling process. Whether you choose to paint your home for purely cosmetic reasons or because it needs a fresh coat of paint badly will instantly make your home more appealing. There are telltale signs that painting your home will not be an option, but a must:

  • Paint chips or peels
  • Paint that is fading or stained
  • Flaking or cracking paint
  • Hardened caulk
  • Dull trimming

Enhance Your Curb Appeal

An attractive and well-maintained home exterior can add thousands to your home’s value. Enhancing your curb appeal can get pricey depending on what you’re looking to accomplish, but for the thrifty home seller, inexpensive improvements can be made too. Before you get started, assess the front, sides, and back of your home. Start with what needs to be repaired or replaced then work on elements that are more cosmetic in nature. Give the yard a good cleaning, trimming, and mowing. Install some pavers or clean and seal your existing pavers. Paint your front door. Plant some flowers, and give your home, sidewalk, and driveway a good washing with the water hose or pressure washer (for those tougher jobs).

Get an Inspection

This may come as a surprise, but inspections aren’t just for buyers. There are several advantages of getting your home inspected before selling it. An inspection means you’ll have fewer surprises because it uncovers hidden problems that could affect the value of the home. Knowing what work needs to be done gives you ample time to address and repair any issues. Being proactive in this instance builds your credibility with buyers and leads to a smoother sale transaction once they know that your home has a clean bill of health.

Obviously, everything we’ve mentioned in this series is helpful for selling your home. However, since we buy homes for cash in Clarksville, TN, many of the homeowners we work with get to bypass many of these tasks because we purchase homes regardless of their condition.

If you want to learn more about selling your home fast in Clarksville, TN, submit our contact request form today!

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