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Hidden Costs of Selling a House with a Real Estate Agent Part 2

For many people, selling their home means it’s time to contact a realtor. This is fine, in principle, but it’s not as simple as signing on to have them market your home. Selling your home via the traditional real estate approach is an investment of time. Your house has to be show ready every time someone wants to see it. When an open house takes place, you have to find somewhere else to be during that time period. It’s also a financial investment, especially if your home is not “ready” to be sold. Things must be repaired or cleaned. You will likely need to continue paying your electricity bill. These costs add up.

However, there’s an alternative. There are people who buy homes in Clarksville, TN who can provide a much faster way to sell your house. Review this list of hidden home selling costs, along with the list from part one of this series and if you would like to avoid these time-consuming, financial hassles, contact the real estate investors at Gateway House Buyers.

Home Renovation

Even if you meticulously maintained your home, there are always little things that can be fixed or enhanced. Appliances need to be replaced or updated. Interior walls can use a fresh coat of paint. While the condition of your home will dictate these choices, so to will the houses that you are competing with on the open market. Buyers have choices and if you want them to choose your home, it has to stand out from similar houses in your neighborhood and price range.


It’s a given that your house must be painstakingly clean while on the market. Buyers must have a good first impression of your home in order to maintain interest in purchasing it. If you are still living in your house, it will either be an investment in time to keep your house clean or money to hire a housekeeper. According to, the average cost of a maid service is between $25-35 per hour. If you have carpet and pets, regular carpet cleaning will be necessary as well.

Closing Costs

Closing costs can be significant as well. These costs include several fees for mortgage processing and notary services, as well as, transfer taxes and escrow. These fees and taxes can cost up to two percent of the price of the home.

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