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5 Barriers to a House Closing Part 2

At Gateway House Buyers, we know the home-buying process is a high-stakes transaction full of ups and downs. Sellers and buyers have to cross many hurdles before making it to the finish line. That is why it’s important for you to search for people who buy homes in Clarksville, TN with extensive home-buying experience. If you aren’t familiar with some of the barriers to a house closing, read part one of our article to learn about the first three obstacles. The last two barriers will be discussed in this section.

Issues with the Title

The title company will perform a title search to assess the history of a property to ensure that there are no past ownership claims, liens, or covenants of record. If a there is a lien or claim on the property, these have to be resolved before you’re able to close on the house. If you’re thinking “I need someone to buy my home in Clarksville, TN fast,” you should know that a buyer may walk away from the deal if your title issues prove to be too extensive.

Problems with the Inspection

Whether old or newly built, most real estate transactions require that a home is evaluated by a professional home inspector. These inspections protect buyers from homes that may have some unnoticeable signs of damage. It’s not uncommon for many homes to need some form of correction, upgrade, or repair; however, some issues are a red flag. Additionally, many home contracts include a contingency that allows a buyer to back out depending on the type of things found during an inspection. If your home has a leaky roof, faulty wiring, mold issues, or any other major defect, you can’t expect the buyer to take the home “As-Is.”

Gateway House Buyers Make Closing Simple

The home buying process can be a roller coaster for sellers. If you happen to be a homeowner with a situation that requires an immediate sale, time may not be on your side. I buy houses in Clarksville, TN, and I know that many of these issues can be avoided. When you work with our investors, you don’t have to wait on a bank’s approval for a loan, and you don’t have to worry about an inspection gone wrong because we buy homes in any condition. We can offer you cash for your home in its current condition in a matter of days, so reach out to us today.

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