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8 Things Stopping You From Selling Your Home

There are more factors stopping you from selling your home than you realize. Sometimes, it’s a simple problem with a simple solution, but in other instances, there are more ingrained problems that require an investment of labor and finances to fix. Many of the following issues are enough reason to give up on the traditional market and make one exclaim “sell my house for cash in Clarksville, TN!” 

1. Dirty Home 

A neglected home can develop several kinds of hygiene-related issues, such as mold, pest infestations, and bad smells that seem to be coming from the walls. A home buyer noticing these issues is sure to walk out. All of these problems can be expensive to get rid of and can even come back if not completely eliminated, wasting your hard-earned money.

2. Poorly Lit Rooms 

Many old home designs fail to allow natural light into a home, and that’s one of the primary features people look for when purchasing a home. Nobody likes a dark home or one that needs to be filled with artificial light in the middle of the day. Correcting these older design flaws is costly and certainly not worth your time.

3. Personal Wallpaper/Paint Scheme

If you’ve personalized your home (as most people have) many of the walls will reflect the characteristics you’ve given them. This is not what home buyers are looking for. They’re trying to imagine themselves in the living space, and that’s a lot harder with your story all over the walls. Repainting walls or tearing down wallpaper can be expensive and take forever, so why not just take cash?

4. Poor/No Landscaping

Drive through any neighborhood and the landscaping is one of the first things you’re bound to notice. If a house has a “haunted house” vibe to its landscaping, it’s going to turn off home buyers in a major way. It’s pretty expensive to rip out trees and bushes, and unless your replace them with expensive sod, it could all be for naught. 

5. Wall-to-Wall Carpeting 

Carpet can come with a slew of problems. With a single glance, old and smelly carpet can tell a gross tale about everything that has been through it. Aging carpet can be expensive to replace, and even steam-cleaning it comes with significant costs that may not be worth the trouble. 

6. Popcorn-Finished Ceilings

This outdated method of topping off a ceiling is considered ugly by most. Plus, it has a tendency to collect dirt. Many homes with popcorn ceilings contain asbestos, which is downright dangerous. Popcorn-finished ceilings are very expensive and laborious to replace, and the presence of asbestos only adds to these costs. If your home has them adorned in every room, we buy houses fast in Clarksville, TN! 

7. Damage to Structure

Damage to the siding, roof, walls, or any other structural fixture happens with time. Just like us, homes are prone to wear and tear. Having major structural damage can be costly to fix and automatically turns any home into a “fixer-upper.” As you’re probably aware, these types of homes do not go for much on the market and take forever to sell. 

8. Messy or Antagonistic Neighbors 

Outside of asking your neighbor to permanently change their ways, there isn’t much that you can do about this. Everyone has had that crazy cat lady in their neighborhood who completely neglects their yard and leaves debris piled up everywhere. If this describes your neighbor, you may have already found yourself frustrated and yelling out  “sell my home fast in Clarksville, TN!” Don’t worry; we can help. 

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