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Planning to Sell Your House in the future? Here's Why You Should Sell Now


Zillow is an online real estate company with a name most people recognize. For most people, Zillow is a convenient way to search for a house since it brings so many options together in one place. You can get detailed information about available properties while also getting estimates of their worth. Until recently, Zillow was purchasing houses at a high rate so that it could sell them directly. Many people thought that Zillow was a good way to sell their houses. If you are thinking, “who can buy my house fast in Clarksville, TN”, here are a few things you need to know about Zillow’s home buying practices and why you should consider Gateway House Buyers instead. 

Zillow Paused Home Buying

Up until recently, Zillow had been buying houses at a high rate. So much so that people were relying on Zillow as a means of selling their home instead of selling through more traditional means. If you were relying on selling your house fast through Zillow, this option is not available at the moment. 

Because of the conditions of the housing market and Zillow having acquired a large inventory of houses, the company paused home buying. Zillow home buying may return in the future once market conditions change.

Zillow’s Homeselling Can Change the Market

Like any major player in the market, Zillow has an inventory that is big enough to change the market when it sells. Zillow will likely try to price homes at slightly reduced prices so that they will be more likely to sell. This can create pressure in the markets where the homes are located, holding down the price of home sales in general. If you are thinking of selling your home, you likely won’t get as much as you could if Zillow doesn’t do a major sell-off. 

You Can Still Easily Buy or Sell Through Zillow

Although Zillow’s buying program has stopped, you can still use Zillow to list your house or find a new house. Many people use this system every day to find or list houses. Zillow’s comparison tools are also an effective way to make sure that you are getting a good price for your home.

Zillow is Not the Only Option

While Zillow is a popular option, it is not the only option. There are other companies that buy homes fast. At Gateway House Buyers, we buy houses fast in Clarksville, TN. You can sell your house quickly for cash and get a good price for it. Contact Gateway House Buyers for more information on selling your house for cash. 

If you are thinking  “I need someone to buy my house fast in Clarksville, TN”, Gateway House Buyers can help. To learn more about our professional home buying services, submit our contact request form today.

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