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Do You Own a Vacant Home in a Military Town?

Active members of the United States Armed Forces may receive a permanent change of station (PCS) requiring them to officially relocate to another military base. For military service men and women who purchased real estate near a military base, you need to either quickly sell your home or leave the house sitting there collecting dust while you are stationed away.

In this brief article, we will discuss several of your options if you are military personnel and also a long-distance homeowner. Of course, the best option may be to contact a reliable home buying service to sell your house fast in Clarksville, TN. If your vacant home has become a hassle, Gateway House Buyers can help you sell your home in as little as seven days.   

Things to Consider When Stationed Away From Your Home

If you are a member of the military and are stationed at the same base for several years, purchasing a home can be a sound investment. After all, it’s a great way to raise a family and give yourself peace of mind as a homeowner. However, whether you received PCS papers or it was time to move on, the end result is that the home you purchased is idly sitting there.

Here are some serious concerns with long-distance ownership:

  • Bad Tenants: If you live in another city, chances are you can’t perform a thorough screening of prospective tenants to rent your home. This can easily lead to undesirable renters that can compromise the condition of your home. Another concern is if the tenants are upsetting the neighbors, leaving a mess, secretly subletting, or are delinquent payers.  
  • Vandalism and Other Crimes: When you are not around to maintain or monitor your home, this leaves your house susceptible to criminal behavior. Whether it’s vandalism, looting, theft, or other crimes, a long-distance homeowner can have many sleepless nights worrying about their property.   
  • Maintaining Your Home: Even if you live in the same town as your vacant home, maintaining a property can be a full-time endeavor. Whether it’s making timely repairs, doing yard work or cleaning the pavers, or just acting quickly when something goes wrong, maintaining a home comes with many challenges and investments. Of course, paying someone to stop by from time to time to check on your home can add up as well.   

As cash home buyers in a military town near Fort Campbell, we assist military men and women with their need to quickly sell their home and move on to a new location. If you are saying, please “sell my house for cash in Clarksville, TN,” Gateway House Buyers can help.

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