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Home Improvements That Hurt Your Home Resale Value Part 2

While your home may be beautiful inside and out, there may be little tweaks that you’d like to make. You recently perused the Houzz app or binge watched HGTV and a number of ideas have blossomed to make your house the star of the block. Beware!! Not all home improvements are created equal and you should think long and hard before committing your hard earned dollars to the cause.

If you plan to stay in your home for many years and want to enjoy certain home improvements, like a pool, then go for it. However, if you don’t think you’re going to be in your house long, are trying to make your home more appealing to buyers, or are generally asking the question “ who can buy my home in Clarksville, TN?”, think long and hard before committing to costly renovations. Many home improvement projects fail to create a higher resale value for the home compared to the cost of the project. Other home improvement ideas can actually turn buyers off. In part one of this series, we highlighted a few of these ideas. Read below for more home improvement projects to avoid.

Projects That Reflect Your Personal Style

Sad but true, your style is not the same as everyone else’s style. While that orange wall in the living room is quite avant-garde, it may seem gaudy to a potential buyer. Of course, the buyer can simply paint over the wall but the impression that unappealing decor makes may cause them to pass your house over for one with a more generic look. Buyers want to envision decor that reflects their own style and taste. So orange walls or funky wallpaper may not help.

Built-In Home Entertainment Center

While it may appear to you like the ultimate, in-home status symbol, it may not appeal to everyone. Home entertainment centers take up a great deal of space, and if a potential buyer values clean spaces more that stereo sound, this expensive feature will be lost on them.

Garage to Office, Man Cave or She Shed Renovations

You may not mind parking your car outside. You may not have extra stuff to store. You may love the refuge that an office, man cave, or she shed provides, but to a potential buyer, this may be considered wasted space. People love having places to store their junk or their car, renovating your garage takes that from them. Also, your office, man cave, or she shack, likely suits your personal style and not that of a potential buyer.

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