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Home Improvements That Hurt Your Home’s Resale Value Part 1

So your love affair with your house has ended and it’s time to bid farewell and move on to greener pastures. Whether you are moving for work, a divorce, or you just plain need the money, many people are going to tell that you will increase the chances of selling your home “if you make a few improvements.” Beware!!! Making improvements to a home is an investment and one that doesn’t always drive the return you’d hope. I buy houses in Clarksville, TN and unless you plan on living in a home for a long time, some home improvement projects aren’t worth it.

In this two-part series, we will discuss which home improvement projects can hurt your chances of selling your home? The common theme that you will see throughout these projects is that they are expensive and don’t cater to a broad audience of home buyers

Swimming Pools

This time of year, the idea of cooling off in the soft, tranquil blue waters of a swimming pool sounds so tantalizing. However, here in Clarksville, pools typically don’t get year-around use. This greatly reduces the value of a pool in the eyes of a potential buyer. Pools require a great deal of maintenance and are expensive to install. There’s a high likelihood that buyers may see your pool as more trouble than it’s worth and move on to another property.

Built-in Aquariums

A smaller body of water but equally pesky, aquariums require a great deal of maintenance. From maintaining water quality to cleaning out filters to fish food to the types of aquatic life in the tank, aquariums are often seen as a hassle to those looking to purchase a home. Many potential buyers would rather pursue a home that doesn’t require this level of commitment.

Bathroom Upgrades

We spend so much time there, you’d think that bathroom upgrades would be a major selling point for buyers. This is not always the case. Certain upgrades such as tile floors, if you don’t currently have them, are helpful. However, items like whirlpool tubs can be seen as a waste of space. Other items such as waterfall showers, may cater to your tastes, but not the tastes of others. The rule of thumb with bathroom upgrades is to keep it simple. Allow the buyer to imagine themselves lending their tastes to the space. This will go long way to getting your property off the market.

See part 2 of this series for more home improvement ideas to avoid.

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