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Is It Possible to Sell a House Without Putting It on the Market?

When it comes to selling a home, you will have to make dozens of decisions. The first decision will be whether or not you’ll work with a real estate agent. The majority of homeowners choose to hire an agent, but others consider selling their home through other means. We’ll discuss them below.

The Off-Market Sale

An off-market sale is basically the opposite of an open-market sale. Your home is not publicly advertised on the multiple listing service (MLS). This option works best when the market is strong and homes are in demand. Basically, there needs to be more buyers than sellers.

There are advantages to selling off-market, such as the need for privacy or if tenants are occupying the home, for example. This type of sale provides a cost-saving benefit to sellers and buyers benefit since they won’t be competing with a lot of other buyers. Disadvantages exist as well—if you need to sell your home fast, this is not the route for you.

If you’re ok with paying an agent, you can still choose to list with an agent but not allow them to advertise your home. A skilled agent will have access to qualified buyers without having to place your home on the open market.

The Home Buying Service

Selling off-market is not for everyone. As a matter of fact, these types of sales work best for those with expensive and unique homes that appeal to certain types of buyers. As mentioned before, selling a home off-market doesn’t work well for someone who needs to sell a home quickly.

A home buying service is ideal for those who’d like to skip the traditional real estate process. This is why we buy houses fast Clarksville, TN. We buy homes in any condition and price range and are ideal for homeowners who need to sell their home fast. We help homeowners whose homes may not be in the best shape and would likely be hard to sell on the market. We assist those who don’t want to deal with agents, open houses, or extra costs. We make the home selling process simple and can turn a potentially year-long process into a 7 to 14-day process.

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