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Military Families Should Consider These Questions When They Relocate

Military families relocate ten times more often than civilian families. On average, a military family moves once every two to three years. Although this high rate of moving makes the relocation process a lot more common for military families, moving never becomes an easy task.

If you are a member of a military family and you live in Clarksville, TN, you should consider the following questions before you receive your next permanent change of station (PCS) order. Remember, if you are short on time and looking to sell your home, a professional homebuyer can provide you with cash for your home in Clarksville, TN.

Should I Sell or Rent?

Naturally, when a member of the military needs to relocate, their family moves with them to the new location. Military families that are homeowners should ask themselves the following questions when evaluating whether they should sell their current home or rent out their home:

Questions to Consider Before Selling:

  • Do you love your surrounding community?
  • Do you see yourself moving back to the area?
  • Is your current home worth keeping?
  • Are there any costly repairs that could limit the value of the sale?
  • Are you emotionally attached to your house?
  • Do you have enough time to sell your home the traditional way?
  • Do you have an accurate real estate valuation for your home?
  • Would you consider selling your home quickly for a fair offer?

Questions to Consider When Renting:

  • Can you afford to own a home in a location far away?  
  • Is it possible to rent out your property in the short-term?
  • Would renting the home hurt its long-term value?
  • Would there be tenants ready to move in when you leave?
  • If there are tenants, would you know them personally or through a reliable source?
  • Are there any valuable assets that could be impacted by bad tenants?
  • Are there family or friends nearby that can assist with landlord duties?
  • Have you considered additional expenses involved with renting?

Selling Your Home Fast

Answering all of these questions while also preparing to relocate can be complicated and stressful. Unfortunately, the traditional market doesn’t always keep pace with the lives of a military family that needs to relocate. Selling fast can remove one of the most significant burdens of the entire relocation process. If you are interested in learning more about a fast, hassle-free way to receive a fair offer for your home in as little as a week, please contact a professional homebuying service.    

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