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Selling Your Home the Traditional Way Can Be Costly Part 2

Although there might be a “seller’s market” right now in Tennessee, it isn’t always as easy to sell your home as you may hope. Of course, to get a great return on selling your home, you must invest in your home first. Unless your home “stands out” and the property is in an ideal location, you will have to pay out of pocket to get your house looking presentable enough to find a buyer. This can be a real hassle for homeowners.

In the first section of this two-part article, we discussed the potential pitfalls of going the traditional route when selling your home. This includes everything from closing fees to the inspection process. In this section, we will discuss how fixing up your home and keeping it “show ready” can get very expensive. If you are saying to yourself, “buy my house in Clarksville, TN,” we know someone that’s interested. Contact the Gateway House Buyers today.

Hidden Presentation Services

Let’s imagine that you are prepared to sell your home and you don’t need to do any significant repairs that cost thousands of dollars like stabilize the foundation of your home, repair the roof, or hire an electrician for rewiring. Even the most basic services like a carpet cleaning, a new coat of paint, and a home staging can cost thousands of dollars to make it look presentable.

Ongoing Payments

If you hire a professional service to clean your home, pressure wash the driveway and pavers, and do the lawn maintenance, this can cost even more. Plus, to have your home ready for a viewing, you may need to rent out a storage unit to make it look more live-in ready as well. So even the most basic home selling tricks can easily add up to either countless hours performing the upkeep yourself or thousands of dollars just on the presentation alone.

Some Improvements Can Only Go So Far

Of course, investing in all of these services is only for the best case scenario. If your home needs significant repairs, a new coat of paint can only do so much. If the structure of the home is damaged and the property is not in an ideal location, it can easily take somewhere between six to nine months to receive an offer. This means that you are constantly putting money into your home until a buyer offers you a fair price.

There are many reasons why the traditional way of selling a home doesn’t align with people’s needs. If you are saying to yourself, “Buy my home in Clarksville, TN,” Gateway House Buyers purchase properties in every condition. We can quickly make you an offer and you can have cash in your pocket in just a few weeks of your time.

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