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The Principles of Staging Your Home for Sale

People shop with their eyes, which means you need to make your home presentable and attractive to prospective buyers. This is called staging, and it is a method of preparing your house in a way that is visually appealing to home buyers. The better you are at staging, the higher your chances of closing a sale are. Here is an overview of the principles of staging your home for sale.

Remove Personal Items

The first step in staging your home is to remove the personal items as much as possible. When buyers see your personal items, it becomes hard to imagine their personal items in the house. By removing your personal items, it makes it easier for prospective buyers to imagine what it would be like if they lived there.

Price Your House Effectively

If you are moving fast, then you do not have time to find the sweet spot for your house sale price. Make sure that when you list your house, it starts at a price that it could sell at. Many homes go onto the market overpriced in the hopes that a buyer will take it for more than it is worth. Save that time by picking a price that is very close to what the house should sell for. You may not make a lot extra on the sale, but you can get the true value of the house quickly if you price it correctly.


Before showing your home, you want to remove as many items from the house as possible. This means decluttering the house entirely so that there are no erroneous pieces left lying around. Include any drawers, closets, and other hiding places that you usually keep extra stuff. You don’t want to hide anything, rather you want as much stuff to be out of the house as possible until it almost looks empty. Then, add some furniture back in to make it look livable.

Arrange Everything Perfectly

Once your house is mostly cleared out, you can rearrange whatever is left. Position everything in a way that guides a buyer’s attention to the right elements. For example, having hardwood floors is a feature worth looking into, so make sure that there is plenty of space in rooms with hardwood floors to see them from the door. The more you can draw attention to the benefits of your house, the easier it will be to convince a buyer to put in an offer.

Make Your Home Smell Nice

While the visual appeal of your home is important, the smell of your home is also crucial. This is a common realtors’ trick to help buyers feel welcome in other people’s homes. Try to improve the smell of your house as much as possible, including removing trash cans and other smelly problems. Also, baking something fresh before you have an open house. The smell of fresh baked goods always makes people feel more at home. 

 Selling a house in Clarksville, TN (or anywhere else for that matter) largely depends on how you stage it for the buyers. If you have questions about ways to stage so that people will want to buy your home in Clarksville, TN, contact Gateway House Buyers for help selling your home.

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