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Tips for Dealing with Your Vacant House Part 2

If you have a vacant house, you already know that you have a problem. Vacant homes bring out a number of unsavory characteristics in people. Vacant houses are often the target of theft and vandalism. There are even cases of vacant homes being burned to the ground. Teenagers have wild parties in these homes. Homeless people camp out there. These problems are bad, but vacant houses can also drain your bank account when left unattended. Plumbing issues can mount up, pests can take over. In short, a vacant home can be more trouble than it’s worth. That’s where Gateway House Buyers comes in. We buy ugly houses in Clarksville, TN and can resolve your issues quickly and easily.

In the meantime, consider these tips when dealing with your vacant home:

Keep Your Utilities On

It may seem like a waste of money to keep utilities on in a place that you don’t inhabit, but it’s a vital move. Keeping the electricity on in the winter can prevent the pipes from freezing, which is more expensive to fix than paying a monthly bill. Keeping the power on will allow you to put your lights on a timer, which can be a deterrent to thieves and vandals. The thermostat can be programmed to minimize costs.

Halt Mail Service

When thieves look for places to rob, one of the signs they look for is if a place is unattended. A major indicator of that is the presence of unopened mail. Go to the United States Postal Service website and stop delivery to that address immediately.

If you are looking for a faster and more cost effective method of dealing with your vacant home, contact Gateway House Buyers. We’ll help you during this stressful time by getting you cash for your home in Clarksville, TN.

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