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Why is Selling My Home So Difficult? Part 1

You decided to part ways with your old home. It could be for any number of reasons- the kids have all left the house, you have to move for a job, or the house is not large enough to fit your family needs. You decide to do what most people do- hire an agent and put your house on the market. Despite the real estate agent’s promises, weekly open houses, and a ton of excitement, nothing happens. Weeks go by and your house doesn’t sell. Why?

Well, there are a number of reasons why homes don’t sell as often as they should, which we will list in this two-part series. If any of these reasons apply to your house, it may be worth looking at alternatives to the traditional real estate market. This includes finding cash home buyers in Clarksville, TN. Your home may not be selling for the following reasons:

Poor Marketing Efforts

Marketing matters in real estate. When you get past location and price, marketing is the biggest factor in how people to decide what properties to pursue. If your home has subpar photos, buyers will assume that your home is of a poorer quality, even if it’s in a great neighborhood. Buyers are showered with property options, so, at times, a set of sharp, professionally done pictures makes all the difference. If you aren’t willing to pay the price, it may be worth looking at other options for selling your home.

House is In Poor Condition

Perhaps it’s not how your house is being marketed, but rather the house itself. It could have a dated design or need numerous repairs. Your home may have a pest problem or reek of pets. In any case, bringing your house up-to-date takes money, if you are willing to invest it, your house will be in the game. Otherwise, it’s worth talking to the investors at Gateway Home Buyers. We purchase homes in a variety of conditions and can get you cash for your home in as little as seven days.

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