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Why is Selling My Home So Difficult? Part 2

One thing that you begin to realize when you decide to sell a home is that it takes a great deal of money and time to do so. Real estate photos cost $100.00-300.00 each and are critical to the marketing of your home. Your landscaping must be impeccable. If your home requires upgrades, they must be done before the “for sale” sign is planted. These costs add up and if you are attempting to sell your house fast in Clarksville, TN, the process can be delayed greatly.

To make matters worse, what if your house doesn’t sell quickly? Now you have invested significantly in something that’s not netting a return. Month after month, your “for sale” sign sits. You are desperate for answers. There’s a number of reasons why houses don’t sell fast. Here are a few to consider. For more reasons, visit part one of this series.

Your House is Not Staged Properly

Staging is an important part of the home selling process. However, it’s not about having a clean house, although that’s critical. It’s about having house that presents well. It’s about having a house that speaks to a buyer’s desire to live in it. It’s also not about fulfilling the best of your likes and dislikes. While grenadine (a bright red) is the hot color for 2017, a grenadine-colored wall may not appeal to most home buyers. The home also needs to be filled with light. Dark houses are simply not as appealing.

Home is Not Priced Right for the Area

When potential home buyers see your home, they see a number. The price. That number will be balanced against, their desire to be in a home, the house’s amenities, and it’s location. If those details don’t match up, your home will likely be passed over. This is where research is critical. Look at the homes for sale in your area. Review the prices versus the amenities. That should guide how you price your own home.

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