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Avoiding Stress When Selling Your Home Due to a PCS

Moving can be a hassle regardless of the circumstances. Trying to relocate and sell your house at the same time can be trying and difficult for your family. If you received a permanent change of station (PCS) and are leaving Fort Campbell, read this article for some tips on how to sell your house with less stress.

If you already know time will be an issue for you, we buy houses fast in Clarksville, TN.

Have a Plan

Creating a plan with tasks and checklists can help your family get a grip on the timeline you need to keep pace with to sell your home before moving. Based on your verbal or written orders, determine when your best moving date is. This must take into account your check-in date at your new base, school enrollment or transfer deadlines, your spouse’s employment, and what you’re doing for your new housing. On top of all those factors, you have to sell the home you’re currently living in.

If you’re thinking of meeting with a traditional realtor, you want to start at least 90 days from your ideal move date. That’s after you’ve cleaned and staged your home for the realtor to walk through. Not everyone gets enough advanced notice to sell their home the traditional way.

Even if your house is in great condition, there’s no telling how long it might take to sell. If your house is in less than perfect condition, it may take even longer. Once your home is under contract, there is still no guarantee that the contract will go through.

This may mean that you have to leave your family at the old house while you go ahead and get set up in the new location. For most people this approach is difficult. You likely spend enough time away from your family as it is.

Help From a Home Buying Service

In some circumstances, there isn’t enough time to sell your house the traditional way, no matter how much planning you put in. A professional home buying service can give you a fair offer for your home fast. Getting your offer from a home buying service can deliver cash and a great deal of relief during a stressful time.

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