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How Should Military Homeowners Sell Their Vacant Home? Part 1

If you are a member of the Armed Forces and you experienced a permanent change of station (PCS), you may be holding onto a house you purchased before you needed to relocate. Selling a home in a city that you no longer live in can be complicated. In this two-part article, the homebuying experts at Gateway House Buyers will discuss the options that military homeowners have when they want to sell property in a city far away from their current station. Remember, if you’re thinking, “sell my house for cash in Clarksville, TN,” the real estate investors at Gateway House Buyers are standing by.

Is the Traditional Way the Best Way?

When the majority of homeowners want to sell their home, they hire a real estate agent. If your home is in great condition and you have the time to wait until you find a buyer that is willing to pay the asking price then this may be the best option for you. However, there are some concerns about selling your house the traditional way including:

  • Your Agent: Does your real estate agent know how to market your home? Is this a full-time professional or a family friend? Is your listing price realistic and are they giving you any pushback about it? If the wrong person is trying to sell your home, it can sit there collecting dust for six months to a year.
  • Show Ready: Is your home ready to receive a walkthrough? Have you hired reliable vendors like a lawn company and cleaning service to keep the home and property presentable? Even these basic services can add up quickly when a home doesn’t immediately sell.  
  • Renovations: Do you need to make any significant investments into your home before you can sell it for the price you want? If your home needs a new roof, has an electrical or piping problem, or foundation issues, it may not be worth investing the capital.
  • Timing: Is the timing right to sell your home? If you’re trying to sell a home in the cold winter months, it’s important to consider that fewer buyers are looking.  

Any of these above listed real estate hurdles can be even more challenging when you don’t live in the same location as your home. As a military homeowner, if you receive a PCS, you will need to rely on someone local to represent your best interests during the lengthy selling process.

For more information on home selling options for military veterans, please read part two.   

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