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How Should Military Homeowners Sell Their Vacant Home? Part 2

If you are a member of the U.S. military and a homeowner in a military town that you are no longer stationed at, chances are that you are considering selling your home. When your military duties require that you live elsewhere, you face the struggles of a vacant home. In this two-part article, the homebuying experts at Gateway House Buyers are discussing options for military homeowners that have a vacant home. In the first part, we covered the traditional, but often challenging, way of selling your home when you hire a real estate agent. In this section, we will discuss either renting your home or speaking with the people who buy homes in Clarksville, TN.

Renting Your Home

Most military homeowners purchased their home knowing that it may be a temporary residence, but value the property as a long term investment. If you are not ready to part ways with your home, you can always rent it out to somebody. Ideally, if you are a member of the military, you would want to network and find a military family that has recently moved to town for work at Fort Campbell. Of course, as a landlord, you can’t always be overly picky about your tenant. Here are some issues with renting when you are stationed elsewhere:

  • Undesirable Tenants: If you live out of town and you need someone to rent your home, screening the prospective tenants is challenging. Even in a perfect scenario when you do get to meet the potential renters, they may check off all of the boxes but still turn out to be delinquent payers, messy, or damage your property value.
  • Rental Investments: When you are renting and you live in another city, you will need to spend some capital to hire a property manager to monitor your best interests. Of course, this necessary investment will eat into the profits you generate from renting.
  • Stress: Although many homeowners find renting to be a nice way to earn a little extra income, it’s also can be stressful to rent your home out when you live in another city. There can be several financial and legal burdens to renting out your home that keep you up at night.  

Contact a Home Buying Service

If the traditional way or renting doesn’t sound right for you, contact a professional home buying service that can provide you with a fair offer on your home. Considering the final decision is completely up to you, finding out what your home is worth can be a win-win scenario. Even better, you may discover a great deal for your home that removes the burden of owning a vacant home. If you are an active member of the military and relocating fast, speak with a home buying professional that proudly declares, “I buy houses in Clarksville, TN.”

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