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The Challenges of Selling a Home in a Military Town

When military personnel receive a permanent change of station (PCS), they have three options for their home:

  1. Sell on the traditional real estate market and wait several months for a buyer.
  2. Partner with cash home buyers in Clarksville, TN, and sell your house fast.
  3. Rent out your home and figure out what to do later.

Things to Consider Before Undergoing a Renovation

Aside from selling fast to a real estate investor, selling on the traditional real estate market or renting a home can present many challenges including these three things:

  1. You’ll need to invest significant capital into your home in order for it to be attractive to a buyer or renter.
  2. Fixing up your home is a time-consuming process that most people can’t commit themselves to fully.
  3. It can be a stressful waiting game of keeping your fingers crossed in anticipation of a buyer or renter while collecting zero dollars during this process.  

Things can get even trickier when you own a home neighboring a military base.

Extra Challenges for Military Towns

As if the concerns of time, capital, and stress aren’t enough when you decide to renovate or fix up your home to attract a buyer, owning in a military town can present several additional challenges to homeowners looking to rent or sell including:

  1. There is a high likelihood that if you rent out your property to a military family, they will transfer within a year or two of signing the lease. In other words, don’t expect a military family to stay for long in your home.
  2. This also means that the military family occupying your home will have to break the lease in order to move to their next location. This can happen at any time, resulting in months of bills piling up without any compensation from your rental.  
  3. Real estate near bases can greatly fluctuate in value considering many potential tenants or buyers could be deployed at any time. Vacancy is always a concern for homeowners in a military town and the price of homes is greatly dependent on the activity of the base.
  4. Although we are proud of our military members, not every single soldier makes for an amazing tenant. If you are a long-distance landlord, you’ll need to consider the additional capital you will need to spend on a property manager who can oversee the rental while you are away.  

The above challenges are why many homeowners in military towns elect to work with a reliable homebuyer like Gateway House Buyers. We invest our time and money into repairs and quickly buy houses for cash in Clarksville, TN. This can be especially convenient in a military town like Clarksville. For an instant cash offer, contact a home investor today.

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